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Luxury Travel Japan is a website that offers you unforgettable rich experiences of Japanese travel and resourceful information of the trusted travel arrangement agencies from transportations, private jets, traditional lodges to land operators, initiated by Diamond-Big Co., Ltd., a trusted Japanese travel publishing company widely recognized by its long-seller travel guidebook “Globe-Trotter Travel Guide”

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About Us

We’re a travel publishing company with one of the most long seller travel guidebooks for nearly 40 years, with a mission to provide opportunities that help a greater audience of people feel the authentic cultures of Japan and put highlights on the hidden gems in the major areas such as Tokyo, Kyoto or rural areas.

Travel Expertise

Having a long track record in the inbound travel business for Japan since 2009, we publish “Good Luck Trip” which is a free distributed magazine series that showcase all kinds of Japanese attractive local & suburb travel information with 1,410,000 copies in the year of 2016 distributed across eight Asian and overseas countries.

Travel Experiences

Japan has a great potential of attractive tourism sights and things that have yet been widely recognized from breathtaking nature views, tasty cultural meals, incredibly diligent spirits of craftsmanship orchestrating great works.

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You can directly make a booking here for the most fascinating gourmet experiences in Tokyo.


Diamond-Big Co., Ltd.

Known for the number-one selling travel guidebooks with 230 titles and annual sales of 8 million books, Diamond Big Co., Ltd. is a travel publishing company in Japan with its "Globe-Trotter Travel Guide” travel guidebooks for more than three decades.


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